• 24 Hilarious Pictures Of Drunk Celebrities (24 Images)


    1. Pamela Anderson Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian-American actress and model. She loved it when creepy man with flame tattoos got all up on her neck at a party? We can’t comprehend how much she drank that night, or the hanged over that was inevitably waiting for her the next day, do you know […]

    Sometimes Stupid Is Funny (17 Images)


    1. Creeper Peeper Do you know that cats pulled a Halloween decoration from its stores and that become too much scary, but those cats that just creep and peep on to you your movements that is a lot confusing and frightening. Probably some bad soul would be in them so that act like that! Reason […]

    Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This New Fashion (15 Images)


    1. Giulia Salemi Giulia Salemi model certainly ripped up the rule book when she hit the annual event for the premiere of new TV miniseries The Young Pope. She put on a highly revealing display in her tangerine dress only a sliver of cotton protected. It looks like she might have needed some bronzer around […]

    You Won’t Believe These 20 Men Actually Exist In Real Life (20 Images)

    NEBRASKA, USA:        COLLECT PICTURE:  Patrick Deuel. June 2004.Patrick Deuel, 47, of Kearney, Nebraska, USA, was once the worldÕs fattest man. Three years ago, he weighed 1,072lbs or 77 stones, a whopping half a tonne, and didnÕt leave his bed for seven years. Walls in his house had to be demolished to extract his monstrous frame and  he could only be weighed on scales designed for cattle. But in 2007  Patrick was given a gastric bypass and the weight fell off. He dropped over half his body mass to 26 stone. But now PatrickÕs weight has crept back up, and now heÕs almost immobile again at 36 stone. The  weight gain came when Patrick got depressed  - because of the credit  crunch, his wife Edie had was forced to move away for work. But last  month he was reunited with his beloved Edie, 61, and the couple have a  new flat together. Being with Edie again has given him strength to get  the extra weight off and heÕs starting a diet and exercise plan as  soon as he gets his new home in order.IMAGE SUPPLIED BY BARCROFT MEDIA LTDUK Office, London.T +44 845 370 2233W www.barcroftmedia.comAustralasian & Pacific Rim Office, Melbourne.E info@barcroftpacific.comT +613 9510 3188 or +613 9510 0688W www.barcroftpacific.comIndian Office, Delhi.T +91 997 1133 889W www.barcroftindia.com

    1. Sajad Gharibi Meet with Sajad Gharibi, he is 25 years old from Iran with his weigh almost 25 and a half stone and almost all of it is muscle. Really a huge weightlifter has been dubbed the Iranian Hulk after beyond belief social media with his sheer physical size. He is real giant-man with […]

    10 Most Famous Historical Cities in The World (10 Images)


    1. Cusco You know that Cusco is a city in southeastern Peru near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes of the Andes mountain range? After Peru declared its independence in 1821, Cusco maintained its importance within Peru’s administrative structure. Outside of the town centre, there are many links to this rich history included walled settlement […]

    15 Hottest Female Twins in Sports (15 Images)


    1. Emilia and Erika Nystrom Emilia Nystrom and Erika Nystrom both are professional Finnish beach volleyball players from Muurame, Finland. These identical twins have made a name in all over the world by playing Beach Volleyball. Visibly, the fact that they both play and jump on the beach in swimwear on regular basis which makes […]